Top 10 Marketing Concepts For Small Business Marketing

Over the last decade more and more people are getting laid off, downsizing, or fed up with their corporate jobs and embarking on the journey as a small business owner. Unfortunately, most new small business owners fail to consider their marketing plans or strategy. There are many marketing concepts for small business marketing to consider and plan, but here is a list of our top 10 marketing concepts for small business marketing.

Marketing Concept #1: Consistency

Consistency is the number one marketing concept for small business marketing only because it is left out of marketing concepts for many businesses. I’ve worked with a long list of clients, large and small, who are extremely inconsistent in all areas of their marketing. Consistency helps reduce marketing costs and increase branding effectiveness.

Marketing Concept #2: Planning

Once small business owners have decided to be consistent with their marketing, planning is the next big concept to engage in…

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