Recognizing Deception Can Save a Marketing Coach Valuable Time and Energy

There are signs that someone is lying, and as a marketing consultant, learning to recognize deception before it gets too far will allow you to cut it off in the pass.

Here’s how…

Not everyone is honest and forthright with their intentions.

How can you quickly learn to spot fraud? Let’s say you’re a consultant and you’re meeting with a client. He is asking probing questions and getting answers.

Are there techniques you can use to understand if the client is telling the truth?

There are a few things you can look for.

If you are talking to someone who has something to gain by cheating on you, the moment he starts cheating on you, there are certain physical signs that will alert you.

Their heart rate will increase, blood flow will go to their face and it will go up the nose and between the eyebrows above the nose. It will also go into the ears and thus you will literally see their face turn red.

This is really amazing.

Another thing that happens when…

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