Quick Copy! Tips for Freelance Writers to Increase Income & Output (Part II of II)

Below is a continuation of the six tips I outlined in yesterday’s post for increasing freelance writing income and productivity. Without further ado:

4. Series: For example, divide long articles into Part I, Part II, etc. I like writing series for two reasons: i) I get more legs than a single article. ii) I sell more, which can lead to more work than a publication.

After all, if a publisher likes your work enough to buy a series from you, they’ll probably be willing to work with you on a more regular basis. This works well for publishers in some cases because, like a cliffhanger in a TV series, it keeps their readers coming back.

5. Write what you don’t know (in bits): Eventually, you’re going to narrow down the topics you know about – especially if you’re used to producing a certain amount of work.

Writing about what you don’t know broadens your work and your knowledge base. Researching a piece usually leads to ideas for further articles.

Note: Writing about you…

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