How to Save Ruby on Rails Program and Basic Text Editor [TUTORIAL]

RubyonRails Like most programming languages, Rails is a server-side web application framework written in Ruby under the MIT license where one can use the command line in Windows or a terminal in Unix-based systems. All programs must be written in plain text format for the compiler and interpreter and stored for easy processing. The first program gives you a sense of the overall syntax of how a program is built and what the compiler does. Type the following code into a text file to see how this is done:

————————————————– —————-

# This is a sample program.

a = “it is”

b = “My First Ruby Program”

print “Attached line is:”

print a << b

————————————————– ——————–

How to save a Ruby program:

Save the text file with the following filename “first1.rb” and we will now go into the syntax checking function and the facility provided to display the syntax checking verbally. The following code shows how code is checked for syntax correctness and…

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