How Book Design and Book Marketing Will Keep Your Book Alive

Many authors spend all their time writing, then work on book design and book marketing. They expect their publisher to handle all the details of book design and book marketing, so they can just sit back and rake in the millions year after year.

Then, if these same authors decide to self-publish, they will soon be lost in the swamp of print-on-demand publishers and drown in self-publishing time and money. In fact, most authors would rather die than think about book marketing, or spend money on book design.

Facing the competition in marketing your book

In 2005, about 172,000 books were published with an ISBN number, according to Bowker, which compiles publication statistics. An ISBN number will lead you to books in print, and allows your book to be distributed in bookstores and online sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. According to some sources, about a quarter of these books were printed by print-on-demand (POD) companies.

I would guess that number…

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