Getting Started With Dot Net: Applications And Differences

Microsoft is one of the biggest and largest tech companies in the world. They have created amazing products that have revolutionized and changed the way we interact with technology every day.

Not only do they develop products for end users and enterprise businesses, but they also know the pain points of developers and strive to provide a better developer platform for them.

So which Microsoft developer platform are we talking about here?

This is the .NET framework. Developed by Microsoft in 2002, today it is one of the most used and go-to frameworks for developers. You can develop websites, applications, microservices, etc. using this framework. It supports 60 programming languages ​​of which 11 are developed by Microsoft.

– C#.NET


– C++.NET

– J#.NET

– F#.NET


– Windows PowerShell

– Iron Ruby


– C. Omega

– ASML (Abstract State Machine Language)

For developing large-scale applications and websites, you might be thinking of an IDE. Then Visual Studio is your…

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