Flash Based Web Designs – Pros and Cons

Charismatic flash web designs are the call of the day. Today, more and more websites are coming up with attractive flash designs to mesmerize the human eye. The design of any website, whether it is an HTML site or a Flash-based website, aims to achieve maximum customer loyalty. A web user looks for unique content, fast, smooth navigation and attractive websites. The main objective is to attract and retain customers.

However, highly interactive and attractive Flash-based websites are not exempt from falling. After all, Flash web designs are very popular these days.

Flash web design

Originally, Adobe Flash was called Shockwave Flash. In the recent past it was called Macromedia Flash but now it is known as Flash. Since the second half of the last years of the 20th century, Flash technology has become a popular tool for creating interactive websites and implementing animation in web design. Today, Flash web design is the primary tool for creating animated series, including video…

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