Difference Between JSF, Servlet And JSP

Currently, Java is used by programmers to develop a wide range of software applications – desktop GUI applications, websites, web applications, and Android mobile apps. Java is continuously evolving to simplify and speed up the development of customized applications based on various business requirements. Java 8 supports widely used functional programming concepts such as anonymous functions and lambda expressions.

At the same time, Java 9 helps developers easily build and maintain applications by writing modular programs. Also, a developer has the option to choose from a wide range of Java-based technologies based on the type of application and project requirements. JavaServer Faces (JSF), Java ServerPages (JSP), and Java Servlets are widely used by Java programmers. But the technologies differ from each other in terms of design purpose, functionality and usage.

A brief overview of JavaServer Faces, Java ServerPages, and Java Servlet

JavaServer Faces (JSF)

JSF is a Java-based web…

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