Basic Sales Skills – Good Communication

One of the great things about a sales career is that you don’t need a college education or a PhD to master your craft, but you do need a few basic skills to become not only competent, but great. .

Perhaps the first skill you need is to be an effective communicator, and it’s more than just talking. You need to know some important elements of a persuasive speech.

A tip: Practice your sales presentation in front of the mirror daily. You should probably write it down too. There is great power in being able to speak easily and confidently, and practice is one of the best ways to do this.

Tip Two: Join a speaking club. A notable organization is known as Toastmasters, a group that provides instruction and constructive criticism on all forms of communication. They work on impromptu speeches as well as prepared speeches that can help salesmen polish their communication skills.

Third tip: Read a lot. By filling our brains with word tracks and…

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