Analysis and Tutorial of Corona Platform Development

Today I’m going to talk about a great platform for developers who want to create games, apps and e-books for mobile devices. The Corona platform is supported by over 200,000 developers who have built games, e-books or business applications using the platform.

Corona is one of the most advanced development platforms in the world and is fast becoming the choice of hundreds of developers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie or a small professional team—with Corona you can build cross-platform applications quickly and easily.

What is Corona?

Founded in 2008, Corona Labs Inc. is a Palo Alto-based company with extensive technical and commercial experience across multiple platforms. Mobile ecosystems, software platforms, authoring tools, runtimes and cloud services. His previous experience includes leadership positions at companies such as Adobe, Apple, Macromedia and Microsoft.

Corona Lua is specially developed using API as well as easy to learn programming language, which allows you to…

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