7 Steps to Becoming A Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre, A Book Review

To truly believe that network marketing is better than traditional work, you have to understand the state of the economy today. He gives his perspective on how new technologies have taken jobs out of the market. Once tomorrow’s economy places great value on jobs and a college education as the only clear path to success. But not now. Network marketing today has proven otherwise.

More companies are going to the MLM approach to get their products out there than fifteen years ago the choice was to build a string of storefronts. What corporations used to spend on building stores, doing television ads, print ads, they now give to distributors. Eric emphasizes that jobs are not all coming back and that the only way to financial freedom for the average person is through network marketing.

Once this fact is understood he proceeds to label each network marketer into three categories. First a poser, then an amateur and a professional…

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