5 Website Optimization Strategies to Capture More Leads And Fill Your Sales Funnel

If you have a website, there are only two real reasons to send people to it. The first reason is online sales. Whether you resell products and services or provide them yourself, generating sales online while you sleep is the ultimate goal of any website. Another reason to send people to your website is to get their contact information so you can make sales in the future. This strategy is especially important if your products or services are complex, expensive, or you have many competitors.

When designing your website, you should think about how you are going to get leads and what you will offer people for their information. Simply putting a box on your site asking people to “sign up” won’t cut it. You need to provide some kind of value or promise of future value such as a coupon, a chance to win a contest, or some kind of free information or how-to guide.

Below are my top 5 ways to optimize your website so it captures more…

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