5 Ways To Make Money With WordPress

If you’ve ever wondered how to make money with WordPress, you’ve come to the right place. As you know, WordPress is the most used content management system with more than 30,000 plugins and more than 600 million downloads for the latest version of this CMS. It is evident that it is very widespread and has a unique reputation worldwide.

Let’s find out how we can use WordPress to generate decent income in the long term.

1. Create your own WordPress plugins.

If you know HTML, PHP and CSS, you can create custom WordPress plugins.

You can imagine that the price of a plugin can reach $60 and even more. If you’re lucky enough to have your plugin go viral and sell, like, to just 1k WordPress users, you’ll end up banking $60k. You better be prepared.

2. Designing and developing WordPress CMS.

If you are familiar with programming languages ​​like C++, C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, JQUERY, and AJAX, you can become a WordPress developer…

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