5 Types of Programmers – Which Type Are You?

There are many different types of programmers who perform software development. Or is it computer programming? Or is it coding? These are all labels or boxes we use to categorize people and their talents. As we distinguish between Testers, Coders, Managers, Architects, Designers, CLOs etc. only these are much clearer. So what exactly makes a coder a coder or a programmer a programmer? We can use them loosely to mean the same thing but from an external perspective I like to think of them as badges or stripes. Something you earn with time, patience, wisdom and experience.

Some people have certain qualities about them that make them better, worse, better or worse than the next person. Just to determine what these might be, I suggest five boxes or labels.

  1. Tool user
  2. The tool user is the least experienced of them all. He has enough knowledge to fiddle around with tools like Visual Studio 2005 and put together a GUI just by dragging and dropping…

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