5 Ajax Testing Tools for Web Developers

The Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) development language can be used to create dynamic web-based software. Ajax can also enrich PHP application development along with PHP coding. There are many tools that are used to check for bugs within web software to verify overall performance as well as scalability.

Testing programs developed with Ajax used to be difficult, but due to the latest innovations in technology, there are many methods and tools that can overcome the testing problems associated with programs that work with Ajax. .

This short Ajax tutorial will teach you about a number of these wonderful test tools:

Sprajax: Sprajax will allow connected scanning with web software developed on Ajax to test for security threats. This will result in assistance in security assessment. Sparajax includes the following functions:

  • Spider web applications
  • Detects the Ajax framework used.
  • Detects any Ajax-specific…

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