3D and 4D Mind Maps for Tracking, Analyzing and Programming Artificial Intelligence

Recently I had an interesting discussion with a Midwest US grad student on the possibilities of 3D, 4D mind maps, which would really take the whole mind map concept to the next level. The online think tank is currently engaged in the ongoing topics of mapping the human mind and its use in AI or artificial intelligence.

My concept is to make mind maps more dynamic in 3D and 4D. For example using a wheel as the center of a mind map and then visualizing it as it turns. Allowing it to flow or roll along a line or distance space on the line represents a. Step of deciding the question that needs to be done.

As the wheel moves it includes all possible personal mental characteristics of the individual. It leaves the irrelevant in the process and folds the line to delete those questionable points in the decision space. Multiple questions can be asked along a line. Linear thinking or rotational molding you ask? Ok, good point so now you get it…

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