Why Part Time Work Culture Is Gaining Importance in Today’s Corporate World?

As unemployment continues to rise, the trend is moving towards flexible-time jobs. Everyone wants stable income and job security whether they belong to top management or executives.

The last decade has shown that while the number of qualified people in developing countries has increased, the availability of employment is less than the growing number of professionals that the Indian education system has produced. Even the individual in the job role is unable to get raises and timely promotions, which has led to job dissatisfaction and high attrition rates in companies.

To make up for the lack of viable employment, companies are shifting to part-time or flexi jobs. This has increased the demand for part-time work culture. Home Jobs, Internships, Freelancers, Jobs for Retired Professionals, Jobs for Housewives, Jobs for Students, Jobs for Professionals on Break, Salary Professionals Jobs in India in last few years. Jobs for, etc. have gained momentum in the last few years.

Benefits for employers

The culture of part-time working is less…

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