Why Nano Price Is Mooning?

Best crypto-IoT collaboration

The announcement was made yesterday from the Nano Center. The release of the Nano IoT charger was confirmed by the company and emerged as the most promising entry in the IoT industry. The IoT charger and related apparatus are said to run on native nanocoins.

The charger that has been released so far is still a prototype and the features that have been revealed so far are a host of chargers:

  • It only requires the user to scan the QR code for the transaction.

  • A QR code initiates a micro-level managed transaction process. So no need to worry about change

  • So far only compatible with NANO wallets.

This announcement by NanoCenter is a huge milestone for the company and the community alike as there are many real-world use cases when the charger is successfully tested and released to the market. can be fulfilled. Of course, in order to do this for real-world use cases, many potential uses and…

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