Where Social Media Is Headed in 2020

Social Media Trends to Watch

A social media marketing strategy is on the mind of many small business owners. And if it’s not on you, it should be!

Major platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are fighting for market shares by adjusting their business models to deliver better returns to shareholders while improving the user experience.

As these platforms evolve, how you use them for your small business should change as well.

Let’s look forward to some ways to promote your business on social media in 2020.


More than 18 months later, the Federal Trade Commission has officially ruled that Cambridge Analytica defrauded Facebook users. The company obtained the personal data of millions of Facebook profiles without people’s consent and then used it for political advertising purposes.

While Cambridge Analytica went bankrupt shortly after the scandal, Facebook is still struggling to tighten its data access processes and keep people on its new…

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