What Is the FTSE?

FTSE pronounced “Footsie” is the term used to describe the share index of the 100 most capitalized UK companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

It was jointly owned by two companies, the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange, which maintain the index under the independent FTSE Group, but the London Stock Exchange recently announced that it would acquire a 50% stake in FTSE International Limited. A final agreement has been signed. , from Pearson, that the London Stock Exchange Group does not already own. Following the transaction, which is expected to close in Q1 2012 subject to customary closing conditions, FTSE International Limited will become wholly owned by the London Stock Exchange Group.

When it originally started in January 1984, its base level or starting point was 1,000 points and has since moved to a level around 5,500 as of November 2011.

It peaked in December 1999 when the index reached 6,950 during the height of the Internet bubble.


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