What Defines a Full Stack Web Development? A Brief Study

Full-stack development is a broad term that encompasses various phases of software development such as project management, front-end as well as back-end technologies, database management systems, and quality assurance.

Front-end technologies are the outer core through which you interact, while back-end is the server-side technology that handles (the user can’t see in the browser) user authentication, database interactions, logic, server authentication. . Some.

Digging deeper, let’s distill and understand the front-end and back-end technologies at the layers of the type of programming languages/frameworks involved.

1. Front-End Encapsulation Technologies

The most commonly used front-end technologies are:


HTML is the foundation of any website development process. It’s the building block that turns text into images, tables, and links. The latest version of HTML is HTML5.

– JavaScript

A scripting language used to enhance the look and feel of HTML…

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