Using Email Marketing to Improve Prospecting for Cold Insurance Leads

With the time required to develop and maintain relationships with warm prospects and customers, it’s no wonder most insurance agents have little time for cold leads.

Fortunately with the simplicity and automation of email marketing, this is no longer the case. Now you can more effectively nurture and close cold prospects without sacrificing valuable time needed to run the rest of your insurance practice.

The first step is to determine how your follow-up funnel currently works. From this evaluation, you will easily see what you can do to improve its performance.

How is your follow-up funnel working?

What happens to cold leads? Do you leave them in the same pile as your other cold leads, sending them weak, ineffective communications time after time?

Using email segmentation to better nurture cold leads

It is said that it takes 10 to 12 contacts before someone associates your name with what you have to offer. Sending mass emails throughout your winter…

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