The SEO Sky Is Falling

The SEO sky is falling every other month. There’s a new update that wipes out competitors everywhere, and people literally lose their business because search engines change something about the way they work. This is a fact of life on the Internet and the truth is that any business is subject to these changes, it just depends on how the person reacts to the problem.

The truth is that the SEO sky is falling only for those who buy into the issue. If a person has SEO skills or bought SEO skills they can recreate what they had before if they have strong marketing skills.

This means that SEO is just one skill within marketing as a whole. SEO is also not the only source of traffic available, however, it may be the best traffic available because it is free (for the most part) and lasts longer than any other advertising model.

There are people who lose their shirts when an SEO campaign goes bad. However, there is nothing wrong with this…

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