The Rise of Temp Work and Flexible Jobs: The Opportunity It Brings for Staffing

It’s hard to believe that we’re now almost a full year into the pandemic. Since March I’ve written articles about ways to adjust business strategy, how to adapt to changing times, using technology to be successful, and more. When I wrote my first article about the pandemic in March, I never imagined that nearly a year later, the pandemic would still be as present in our lives as it is today.

What has changed in the last 10 months, though, are the opportunities the pandemic has brought to the staffing industry. A lot has changed since March and companies have embraced that change. We have seen big ups and downs in industry demand. We have also seen a significant increase in working from home, among many other changes. Now, we’re starting to see some of the long-term effects these industry changes have had on the workforce. The changes include the addition of temporary help and flexible jobs for the foreseeable future.

Reason for increase in temporary jobs

There are many…

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