The Definition of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is known as the first decentralized digital currency, it is basically coins that can be sent over the internet. 2009 was the year where Bitcoin was born. The creator’s name is unknown, but the person was given the alias Satoshi Nakamoto.

Advantages of Bitcoin

Bitcoin transactions are made directly from person to person over the Internet. There is no need for a bank or clearing house to act as a middle man. Thanks to this, the transaction fees are very low, they can be used in all countries around the world. Bitcoin accounts cannot be frozen, there are no prerequisites for opening them, same for limits. More merchants are adopting them every day. You can buy whatever you want with them.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin can be exchanged for dollars, euros or other currencies. You can buy and sell as if it were another country’s currency. To hold your bitcoins, you need to store them in something called a wallet. These wallets are located…

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