TEFL Teachers – Supplement Your Income With Freelance Writing

Teaching English as a foreign language is a very rewarding job. Giving kids the opportunity to learn your language is great, but let’s face it. TEFL doesn’t pay well and has no real long-term career prospects. I used to teach English in Thailand, so I definitely know what you get for a TEFL salary. Once I started working freelance a few hours a week, my quality of life improved greatly. Read on to find out how I did it.

Freelance writing for English teachers can be very profitable even for those who don’t generally consider themselves great writers. why like this? Many people are under the mistaken impression that you have to be a journalist or novelist to make real money from freelance writing, when in fact English speakers can write their own checks online.

The internet thrives on fresh content and quality content is in high demand from webmasters. It’s not unusual to be able to make $30, $40 or $50 an hour as a freelance writer. trick…

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