Survival Marketing – From Business Plan to Battle Plan

You may have several goals for your business venture, including raising money so you can start a business at all. In today’s volatile and unpredictable economic environment, you don’t need a business plan, but a battle plan. Your survival may be at stake, hence the term “survival marketing.”

Your battle plan needs to be a powerful, fluid document that presents actionable strategic concepts and translates them into cost-effective and creative strategic programs. It is invaluable for summarizing, detailing and analyzing future opportunities and, most importantly, developing ways to take advantage of those opportunities. A comprehensive war plan, then, is a combination of research, analysis, and planning. You should start by gathering information and insights from the people who know your company and your markets best:

o Your executives

o Your sales team

o Your customers

o End users

o Industry experts including media representatives, trade publication editors/writers, trade…

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