PIC Programming With the Basics – Article 3

Using the interrupt routine

This is the third article that will teach you how to program a PIC using the C language. (We’re using MicroC for this example). Before continuing with this article, you should refer to the first 2 articles that will give you the basics of programming. If you are confident enough about these fields, then fine. So we will continue to form there.

As in the previous articles, we will continue as step.

Step1: Create a new project for this task. I believe you are capable of it now. If not please refer to the first two articles, PIC Programming with Basics…. Article 2.

Step 2: We will do more examples on coding. Until then please copy this coding part and paste it in the coding window.

Step 3: In this case, a pin (PORTC.f7) will blink until an interrupt is given. When it receives an interrupt, it will quickly turn off the blinking pin and another pin will be set high. (PORTC.f5)

First, you must understand about interference. In fact it conveys the same meaning. when…

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