Neuro Linguistic Programming and Street Hypnosis – How to Protect Yourself

Imagine this scenario. You are out on the town with your friends or enjoying a night out. Suddenly a complete stranger approaches you. Before you know what’s happened, the conversation turns to hypnosis. About 20 minutes later, you might be wondering what happened to that time. Your friends are also standing there looking shocked. Now imagine this second sequence of events. You’re at an event and someone comes up, telling you they’re a professional hypnotist. The person mentions that it was hired as entertainment and would like you to participate. After only 10 minutes you will wake up. An audience clapping for you and for the person you just met.

Of those two scenarios, I have no problem with the second. In this case, you can be sure that the hypnotist wants to protect his reputation and also wants to pay for the services rendered. In the same vein, if you’re somewhere and you hear someone discussing hypnosis and mention that he or she is a therapist, it’s…

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