MLM Success – The 5 Keys For MLM Retention, Review of Feeding a Giant by Robert Crisp – Part 5

Are you developing your skills by using funded proposals to bring leads and prospects into your funnel: your front door? Once you’ve done that, you deserve to have them in your bucket: your front door. Retention is the payment or benefit of keeping people in your funnel. MLM retention averages 15% which means for every 10 you are dropping 9. Fortunately, there is absolutely something you can do about it! Robert Crisp uses five keys to MLM retention: Inspiration, Information, Activation, Recognition, and Verification.

1. Information – “Inspiration without information leads to frustration”

This amazing quote comes from Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay. The opposite is also true which means if you want to keep your MLM retention rate high, you will always associate your inspiration with information and vice versa. Robert divides the information into three categories: product information, business building techniques, and details.

Product information

Are you motivating your team?

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