How To Program An Avaya Partner Phone

Avaya Partner Phone is very easy to program, but only if you know how. Let’s get to the basics first. You must be on extension 10 or 11 to program the phone. This is where all programming should be done. A programming overlay is also placed on the phone to guide you through the programming functions.

A display phone is also required for programming. Also note that if your Avaya partner phone system has a 34-button phone, you must use a 34-button phone for programming because an 18-button phone cannot be used to program a 34-button phone. .

The Avaya Partner Phone System has two types of programming: system programming and centralized telephone programming.

When using system programming all phones in the system will be programmed for the feature being programmed. When using centralized telephone programming an individual phone itself will be programmed for this feature only.

To access the system programming press…

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