How to Estimate Paint Jobs For Profit

Here are the top seven ways to estimate paint jobs for profit. These are techniques that I have developed over the thirty-five years that I have been in business. They didn’t all come at once but you can benefit from having them all at once.

1) Make up your mind that unless you’re desperate for a paint job, you won’t underbid on any job. If you are out of work and only have one lead, by all means get that job, you have to have cash flow. However, if you have leads and work, put the idea that low bidding is a paint job out of your mind. Learn to sell on price, quality and dependability.

2) So how do you get to the point where you have leads? Using a marketing plan is the best way to increase lead flow. I did not say that there is a marketing plan, but using a marketing plan. If we use a marketing plan, we will insure that we have work throughout the year and stay ahead of our competition. Our competition will mostly be reacting, whereas if we have a marketing plan, we…

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