How To Become Freelance Seo Expert

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Why did I become a freelance consultant?

I became confident in my abilities to manage projects individually and deliver results to my clients when I succeeded on Upwork, my first project was a gemstones website. Ideally suited to your needs. Years have passed in this profession and I have learned a powerful lesson despite the smile – every project requires an honest and sincere approach and needs to be developed from scratch. I keep it simple and never make big promises. If someone comes to me with an unrealistic dream, I let them know what is realistically achievable or just turn the offer down.

SEO is not a game. It is a serious business where traffic growth is always on the back of good strategy and flawless execution. SEO is a continuous process as it requires a lot of time and effort.

In search engine optimization (SEO) terms, white hat SEO refers to…

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