How Micro Job Sites Are Changing the Freelance, Outsource and Job Market

The Internet has revolutionized the job market in almost every way in the past fifteen years. Gone are the days of searching for jobs with the help of newspaper advertisements.

First there were the big job sites like Monster, then Craigslist was almost replacing newspaper ads that allowed for faster interaction between the job seeker and the employer.

The next wave

This was followed by a wave of outsourcing and freelance websites such as eLance and Guru that allow both freelancers and consulting firms to post their profile and respond to specific tasks.

The problem with these sites is that they are more geared toward larger projects and while they generally do a good job, the barrier to entry can prevent many opportunities and many job seekers and employers from going through the approval process. May prevent completion.

Launch of micro job sites

With a very quick and easy process to post profiles and jobs, these sites are much more accessible than other job sites. These sites…

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