How Expensive Will It Be to Hire Ukrainian Web Developers in 2017?

Finding a good web app developer today is not easy. Especially if you don’t know what specific skills and experience he should have. The cost of building a website can vary quite dramatically, depending on the web design and technology you choose. Most websites are larger and more complex. Hence, they require more time and extra skill to build them. It’s easy to find out what you should think about when planning your website and how it can help you when you brief your potential web developer.

That’s why after seeing how in-demand software and web developers are, you’re probably wondering how this high demand translates into dollars. According to PayScale statistics dedicated to the average salary of web developers in the world, the graph below shows that the average web/software developer salary in the United States is the highest globally, at around $90K. Meanwhile, Ukrainian web/software developers command salaries nearly three times lower than their American…

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