Hair Care Tips to Follow

Taking care of your hair can be a difficult thing to do especially if you have always had problems with your hair. There are certain routines that should be followed depending on your hair type.

Shampoo dries out the scalp. Before you wash your hair, you need to find a product with the right chemical balance that suits your scalp or use an oil. The oil will hydrate and strengthen the hair follicles and it also promotes healthy growth. You should also avoid washing it on a daily basis as it can dry out the scalp dangerously.

Do not towel dry the strands. You can pull some hair out and create split ends that eventually make the tips look frayed. You should also consider leaving the towel on your head for shorter periods of time as it will eventually feel like the follicles are being pulled from the scalp. Many professional hairstylists say it’s best to use a microfiber towel or a light and thin t-shirt.

Do not brush wet hair. This will create longer split ends…

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