Freelance Copywriter Secrets: An Article Writing Success Story

This is an article writing success story that shows how quickly publishing articles online can yield results on search engine rankings.

I started my blog on August 22, 2006. A few days later I started submitting articles to three major article submission sites. I had previously blogged and published articles on a different topic, but this is the date when I started writing on the topic of copywriting.

I believe, and always have, in giving away free information as a way to market my services. Free information has been proven time and time again to be one of the best ways to showcase your knowledge and expertise, as well as build a relationship between you and your potential clients. In a recent article I wrote, Freelance Copywriter Secrets: 7 Copywriting Tips to Give Free InformationI explain several ways that any marketer can use this strategy to bring in new business.

The keywords I emphasize, in this order, are “freelance copywriter,”…

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