Flutter Vs. React Native: Which One to Choose?

Leading market players and development frameworks – Filter and React Native have become the top contenders competing to prove their mettle in cross-platform mobile app development. People who want to develop apps faster at lower cost are left scratching their heads as they find it extremely difficult to identify which framework best suits their app idea.

Making this exercise a little easier, in this article, we have covered the most important points of comparison that will help you gain meaningful insight into choosing one.

What is flutter and reaction local? A Sneak Peek

Flutter is a mobile app SDK that lets you write an app in a single database and compile it to both Android and iOS, or build natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from the same codebase. Allows to be taken as a portable UI toolkit.

React is Facebook’s JavaScript framework used to write native, native mobile applications for iOS and Android.

Comparable factors

A. Programming Language

React to local usage…

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