Editing and Proofreading Jobs Online – 2 Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for editing and proofreading jobs online? Here are 2 frequently asked questions.

1) Where can I find editing and proofreading jobs online?

There are many places where you can find many editing and proofreading jobs. If you are just starting out, you may want to join various freelance websites on the internet. On these freelance websites, new editing and proofreading jobs are being posted every single day. This means you will never run out of jobs to bid on. Some of the more popular freelance websites include RentaCoder, Elance, GetaFreeLancer, iFreelance and oDesk. You can choose to join any one or even all 5 sites so you have more jobs to bid on.

Apart from the above 5, there are other freelance websites. You should be able to find them easily by using a search engine to find them. In addition to joining freelance websites, you can also try contacting webmasters to see if they need proofreaders or editors.

2) How much can I earn?

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