Earning $1,000 Pm From Home With Content Writing Jobs Online

Hello friends! My name is Vinay and I am a full-time freelance writer. A few years ago I was really frustrated because I had no job and no money to start a business to earn my living. Due to heavy financial loss I had to close down my only source of income which was my cyber cafe. I was also not in good health to do a tough salesman or other similar job. So, I thought why not try earning some content writing jobs online? So, I started searching the internet to find a real online job. Then, one day I stumbled upon worknhire, which is a great website for freelancers beginners because it doesn’t charge any fees and there are many opportunities to write content on this website.

So, I started my career very small, or in other words, a small phase of working with Work Hire. However, I was not happy with my earnings as I was paid around Rs. 100-250/- for an article of 500-1,000 words. Although, I knew I would start earning a good income when I…

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