E-Mail Marketing For Tennis Clubs

No, email marketing is not dead!

And I’m going to show you why in just a moment.

in fact.

All businesses and tennis clubs should use this powerful method to stay in touch with their clients or members

The best part is the ROI.

It costs almost nothing to use an autoresponder today and the returns for your club are going to be off the charts.

Here’s an outline of what your club’s sales funnel can and should look like.

On the front end.

Use direct response marketing to offer free sample lessons to prospects.

What your staff should do is get their contact information and add them to your mailing list on that first visit (make sure you ask, too).

None of this will work if they don’t.

Back end.

Use email marketing to follow up with all prospects and members the next day.

When doing so, treat them like people.

Share freebies and find creative ways to get them to the club during the week.

I’m thinking.

Free dinners and free gifts are a great…

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