Considering A Career In Computer Game Design

Every hardcore gaming fan dreams of a career in computer game design. What could be more fun and exciting for a computer game fanatic than getting paid to design your own computer games?

Since I’m a certified computer games addict, I’m also guilty of occasionally fantasizing about pursuing a career in the computer game design industry.

The computer game design industry is huge so there are many opportunities for those who want a job in this field. The downside is that getting a job in this industry is extremely difficult and requires a comprehensive knowledge of programming languages.

Getting a degree in computer science is a good first step, but not an easy task in itself. I have seven childhood friends who studied computer science in college, and only one of them made it. It’s a tedious major filled with tedious programming exercises and advanced math classes.

If you enjoy programming and can tolerate the tedium that comes with it, then computer game…

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