Book Marketing Tip – Writing Reviews

Have you ever been on Amazon browsing reviews and then read a really good review and decided to buy the book you were looking at because of the review? A well-crafted review can really tip the scales for me when I want to read a book.

As a self-published Christian book writer, I try to write reviews for every book I read and love and sign the review with this tagline.

with love

your full name

Author of (number) Christian books on Amazon

I’ve found through writing books and talking to people on Facebook who have read my books, that quite a few people have found my books because of the reviews I’ve written.

You’re a writer, and you have books to sell, and as a writer, you’re probably a reader like me, and so what’s stopping you from writing positive reviews. And tagline like me.

You can write a book review on Intimacy with God and sign off with a tag that says:

with love

John Johnson

Author of 6 Christian Books on Amazon…

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