All About Securities – Debt, Equity, and Derivative Contracts

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which part of the law applies to your case, especially if you’re dealing with what an outsider might see as a complicated financial dispute. If you have North Carolina securities, where do you turn for help? Rest assured, there are attorneys in business and financial law who can advise you on the securities you may own. But unless you retain the services of a local attorney, let’s brush up on securities law terminology so you’re prepared for your first meeting.

What are securities?

A security is a fungible, negotiable instrument representing monetary value. Most securities will be represented either by a certificate, or more commonly, in electronic form only (uncertificated). Like the rest of the country, North Carolina’s securities certificates will be either “bearer” or “registered.” A bearer securities certificate is one that entitles the holder to rights only by holding the security. A registered…

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