Affiliate Marketing – Don’t Be Mislead by Clickbank Gravity

If you’re an affiliate marketer, you’re probably familiar with Clickbank. Clickbank is a large online marketplace and publisher of downloadable information products. You can buy ebooks and software on the site, but most people use the site either to publish informational products or to find products to promote as an affiliate. Clickbank offers tools that make it easy for both publishers and affiliates to easily sell the products they offer.

Affiliates often find suitable products to promote through the Clickbank Marketplace and Clickbank provides a number of statistical measures that show how successful a product can be in the marketplace. Many affiliates, especially those new to online marketing, automatically choose products that have more popularity or “gravity” without realizing that doing so can actually make sales more difficult. Is.

Gravity is a score that shows how popular a particular product is among other marketers and how…

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