Advertising on 4 Wheels

As jobs are few and far between and the new economy is tightening its grip on small business owners, it makes financial sense to cut costs and trim overhead. The natural inclination may be to reduce the advertising budget because it is one of the largest overhead line items and seems to have little impact on the business model. This is absolutely the wrong way! Now is the time to advertise and gain top-of-mind awareness to gain market share. The best value for advertising dollars, especially for the small business owner, is on company vehicles.

Make a statement.:

Gone are the days of a rectangular magnet affixed to a car or truck door. So, too, are the vinyl letters neatly displaying the company name and phone number. To get noticed today, business owners must think boldly and out loud. Marketing is about getting attention. Marketing runs the business. Marketing The phone rings and the cash register rings. Take full advantage of the ad space you’ve already purchased.


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