Why Statistics and Python to Become Data Scientist?

If you are into statistics and python, you can take the right courses to become a data scientist. The data covers a variety of machines, such as automobiles, robots and smartphones, just to name a few. The volume of data generated by these units requires the use of specialist tools and procedures for decision-making and analysis. Let’s find out why learning statistics and Python is important to become a data scientist. Read on to know more.

In schools, colleges and universities, python is gaining a lot of popularity as an important programming language. The reason is that the language is agile with lots of libraries and other support stuff like game development and network automation. The good thing is that the Python ecosystem has resulted in many libraries to allow data analysis. Hence, it is part of data science courses.

Life Cycle of Data Science: First, there is a life cycle of data science, which is used for analysis all over the world. aim…

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