What’s Wrong With E-Commerce Websites?

What is happening with e-commerce websites? It seems that online entrepreneurs spend so much time worrying about website traffic that they neglect the customers who actually want to buy something.

Recently, I tried to order a product that we saw at a trade show. It was perfect for our application so we did a Google search to find the manufacturer and a list of dealers that sell the item.

Almost all product distribution websites had adequate contact information and invited people to call, which we did. After six frustrating phone calls to dealers we could not find anyone willing to answer the telephone. Since we had to leave a message almost everywhere we called, we decided to try California even though we were located in the East, and it was too early for any reasonable person to be at work.

We finally got through to a friendly salesperson in Boston, who was very helpful but unfortunately the company was out of stock. Despite not being able to make to order, we maintained…

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