The Future of Object Oriented Programming

The object-oriented paradigm is based on the idea that objects exist independently of each other, and that operations can be performed on them. Consequently, in a true object-oriented development environment the user must be able to interactively create objects of any available class, manipulate those objects, and call their interface routines. · Platform Independence – “Write once – run anywhere.“Ability

In reality you cannot run a Java program ‘anywhere’ unless there is a virtual machine. But it’s as good as anywhere. Also I know some people who say “write once Debug everywhere.“But any such platform-dependent bugs are probably VM issues. All of this platform independence is a huge plus point for enterprise development, saving tons of cash and effort in porting products. .

· Ease of use

I’m not really sure how many hard nut programmers will agree with me but when programs are object oriented they are easier to visualize (once you get the hang of it). after the…

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