The E-2 US Visa: A Good Immigration-Related Option for Foreign Entrepreneurs

The E-2 visa allows entrepreneurs from partner countries to come and start a business in the United States. While not right for everyone, this immigration opportunity has quickly become an exciting option for many entrepreneurs. Eligible applicants enter the U.S. under favorable tax conditions and can bring family members to work or study in the U.S.

1. Partner country requirement. Unlike many similar immigration options, the E-2 visa is only available to citizens of partner countries. Partner countries are those that have bilateral investment treaties or free trade agreements with the United States. Examples include Australia, Canada and Taiwan. Citizens of non-partner countries, such as China, must become citizens of a partner country before applying for an E-2 U.S. visa. The relative ease of obtaining Canadian or Austrian citizenship makes this two-step process possible for many citizens of non-partner countries.

2. The need for American investment. Another requirement for…

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